Ocean Eclipse BrandingCorporate Branding

  • Development of Branding and Strategies
  • Development of Budgets and Plans
  • Creation of Corporate brochures
  • Creation & distribution of investor newsletters
  • Creation & distribution of investor packages
  • Website registration and building
  • Website Content, site architecture, graphics, hosting, email serving
  • Website Updates (news, links to filings, etc.)
  • Search Engine Optimization/keywords/etc.
  • Management of investor email lists
  • Adjunct website creation and marketing

The Challenge

– On Sunday afternoon, a new client came to us with a new project in the Oil & Gas industry.  He had developed financing, bought a property and was about to go public on the OTCBB through a reverse merger.  However, he didn’t even have a name for the company, let alone a legal entity.    And he needed it all in three days.

The Solution

– We immediately developed a number of names for him to choose from and then incorporated a company in Delaware the same day.  We registered a URL and had the site located on our servers with working emails with an hour.  Our team then developed a logo and website, while they built a story around the company and its business model.  We did all the copy writing for the website, e-brochures, and first five press releases.  We also developed a number of adjunct sites including a Facebook fan page and twitter account.

The Result

– By Monday afternoon, the client had a legal corporation, logo, website, e-brochures, and a presence.  On Wednesday, the client went public and six months later was pumping oil