Our clients come from a wide variety of industries and are both private and publicly traded.  Below are a sample of Companies that we have worked with in the past or are working with now.

Entertainment/Food and Beverage

  • InFusion Truck

  • Global Karaoke Network
  • The Benny Doro Company

  • Big Apple Concepts

  • By Design Marketing and Advertising LLC

  • Sony Fanfire (including Madonna, Van Halen, U2, KISS, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson)

  • Van Halen Radio

Oil and Gas

  • NX Petroleum Inc.

  • Nitro Petroleum Inc.

  • NGAS Resources

  • New Century Energy

Clean Energy

  • Transact Energy

  • CleanGoal Energy

  • OctaPremium Fuels

  • Thorium One International

  • Klean Industries

  • Square One Solar

  • 3D Algae

  • Pacific Rim Bioenergy
  • WorldFund Energy


  • Fresh Start Private

  • Titan Cure

  • Neurokine Pharmaceuticals
  • Green and Hill Industries


  • Universal Vision Group

  • Asian Dragon Corp. (Wikifamilies)

  • SPARC Asia

  • iSmartCheck

  • MyECheck

  • Mondo Prepaid Debit Card

  • ClairNET

  • First Lion Holdings

  • WorldMoto

  • Request for information