Q:  Do you handle stock promotion?

A: Our strategy follows a course of market awareness through methods that are sound and designed for long term success.  We do not subscribe to any type of ‘quick fixes’ in the market to create short term liquidity, which is detrimental to shareholders and the client.

Q:  What is your pricing model for services?

A: We work on a fee basis and as a rule-of-thumb, a minimum three month contract except in the case of specific piece-item work.  Our pricing is contingent on the service provided, and we sometimes accept stock as a part of the fees.  All disbursement costs are paid directly by the client as we do not mark up our costs.

Q:  We are interested in Venture Capital.  What do you need?

A: Initially, we require an executive summary, funding requirements, allocation of funding, corporate (share) structure and contact information.  Please download this VC summary word document for guidance.