Ocean Eclipse IRInvestor Relations

  • Being the main contact point for shareholders via telephone and email
  • Dedicated phone line with choice of area code
  • Maintenance of shareholder contact lists
  • Answering general investor questions
  • Dealing with investment bank/hedge fund inquiries

The Challenge

– A client had begun trading two months prior to engaging us and was finding the management of shareholder enquiries difficult and time consuming.

The Solution

– We became the main contact for all of the inbound phone calls and emails for the client immediately.  At the same time, we started to develop standard replies to the more common questions, and then built a solid FAQ section and knowledge base on the website based on our results.  An email response form was developed for the client with pre-populated checkboxes making it easier to get a better understanding of the shareholders.  We also introduced a better email capturing program, and utilized it for press release and newsletter dissemination.

The Result

– By being available to shareholders, we took a great deal of work load away from the client, as well as putting a buffer between shareholders and the company.  The shareholders have become loyal, and the client has a good following on the major stock bull boards.